La Mia Dolce Vita

A record of my life in Florence Italy.


Hello Everyone, 

Its been a beautiful week here in Florence. Ive realized that we have about 5 weeks left in Florence and that I need to use my time to the fullest. Today I am checking out an Art and Art Restoration Fair/Convention that is in town. Hopefully Ill be able to post some cool photos or information later. Tomorrow I am planning a trip to Assisi and possibly also to Deruta to see the pottery. I am very excited to do this with my free time. 

Classes are hitting a high point now with Midterms, presentations and essays all colliding within 2 weeks of each other. I finished my current drawing at Cecil Studios and will post a photo soon. Next week we will being doing full body sketches and eventually will draw from a nude model. It will be my first time drawing a live nude model. Should be a good challenge. 

There is so much more to do and so much left to see in this city and this country. Historical sites and current events are so hard to choose between. I think that next weekend is our trip to Rome! I know we will see some of the most amazing art ever created there. 

If anyone out there has travel suggestions, feel free to put in your two cents. 

More news to come. 

Grazie e baci da Firenze, 


We had some great food adventures too. We got to sample Dutch pancakes which are sort of like crepes. One night we had thai, another ethiopian, and still another middle eastern. 

The local specialty is french fries doused in “fritesauce” which is essentially sweet mayonaise. A wonderful indulgence. 

The Dutch also make a beautiful coffee. Much more enjoyable than in Italy. 

Above are some photos of food!

Emma and I went to the Stedelijk Museum of Modern art in Amsterdam and quickly decided that the building looked like a giant bathtub. 

We had a wonderful time wandering around a very different type of museum. There was also a huge area dedicated just to design and I had a blast. 

They also had a pretty great selection of books in their store. 

I will start with a series of photos of cats. There were plenty of wonderful cats in the shops and a few restaurants. It was so nice to see beautiful felines around Amsterdam. 

Emma and I dubbed them “shop cats”.

Well what can I say about life currently? 

My friend Emma and I went on a trip to Amsterdam over our Fall Break and we had a wonderful time. We needed a break from Italy and we found refuge in the cool Holland air. We were able to relax and experience fall in a completely different city and culture. 

I returned from my trip refreshed and happy. Ready to take on the world. 

Ill be posting some of my pictures finally.

Hello out there everyone. I am so sorry for the lack of posts recently. Same story as always. Life gets in the way. 

So to get the ball rolling again, here is an update of my drawing over at Cecil Studios. Here you will see several photos that show the progress over the past week or so. 

Im rather proud of the work Ive been doing. Apparently this model is a “milkmaid”.

Now for an update on my own art.

This is a photo of my current drawing in my studio art class. This is my second drawing done at Cecil Studios. Of course it is a work in progress but it is a good representation of the type of work we are doing. We are working in the Sight-Size tradition which means we are drawing what we see in nature at life size. It is very precise work and quite tedious, but the results can be amazingly accurate and beautiful 

I have no doubt this will make me a much better artist. And discipline is good for a studio artist. One must learn the rules before breaking them. Right?