La Mia Dolce Vita

A record of my life in Florence Italy.

We began our trip by shipping off to Murano, the island famous since the late 1200’s for its glass production. According to Wikipedia, in 1291 all the glassmakers in Venice were forced to move to Murano because of the threat of fire in Venice. 

Glassmakers were some of the most prominent citizens of Venice/Murano gaining immunity from prosecution, marrying into the wealthiest families and holding the secrets of a lucrative trade. Because of this however they were forbidden to leave the Venetian Republic and the penalty for sharing the secrets of glassmaking was death. 

These islands are a place with a fascinating history that I fully intend to read about when I have the time. 

We had the good fortune to see a glassblowing demonstration! I have been fascinated with glassblowing for a very long time and always relish the opportunity to see a demo. My favorite artist, Dale Chihuly actually came to Murano back in the 90s and studied with the glassblowers of Murano, eventually producing his Venetian series and putting on a public exhibition on Venice. 

I invite you all to explore his work in Venice here:

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